Thursday, August 06, 2009

Follow the White Rabbit

Just for fun, imagine a conservative Republican paradise.

1. An unregulated free market where the individual thrives, corporations (free from government oppression) can finally pay people what they are worth and provide all the medical care families need, and education is promoted by business interests that can be sensitive to the needs of the local population.

2. Taxes are no longer a problem. They have been eradicated and replaced by voluntary "contributions" to government officials. Given the opportunity to grow tax free, businesses are able to hire more and more people, creating a virtually full employment economy. Because of the amazing GDP growth and the lack of recession and depression concerns, the government enjoys a revenue surplus and is able to fully fund the military.

3. Since people are building wealth at an accelerated pace, tithing in churches reaches an all time high. This allows congregations to increase charitable giving and set up new parochial schools in areas without business-sponsored education opportunities.

4. Abortion is banned in all 50 states and all territories. Higher population growth gives corporations more investors and more opportunities to exploit labor pools that had previously made migrant workers necessary.

5. Owing to such increased profitability, people no longer participate in insider trading, "ledger fixing," and fake hedge funds.

6. Only people who are over age 18 with a high school education are allowed to get married and have children. Because there are no longer tax benefits to it, homosexuals abandon the right to be legally married.

7. The Supreme Court uses the Bible in some landmark decisions, primarily the Ten Commandments. Participating in extramarital sexual relationships is made illegal, execution is approved for blasphemy, and environmental concerns are assuaged because the world is going to end soon anyway. Creationism is allowed to be taught in all schools with no requirements for a purely "science-based" curriculum.

I could go on and on (probably will), but wouldn't that world be just perfect?