Monday, October 27, 2003

Kucinich's Blues

Representative Dennis Kucinich is feeling a little slighted, and he may have a good reason. Howard Dean is airing an ad in New Hampshire that, among other things, criticizes his Democratic opponents' support for the Iraq resolution in 2002. Kucinich feels that it is an unfair characterization of his position. So?

Half of New Hampshire doesn't know who the hell you are anyway. You haven't made any headway in the polls because of your all-or-none attitude about every issue. You haven't got the chance of a two-legged cat in a dog pound to get the Democratic nomination for President. AND you look funny (cheap shot), and your name sounds like something coming out of the mouth of somebody sneezing.

I wouldn't doubt that the person who wrote the ad (improvised?) forgot you were still running! These three "special" candidates have raised less money than Jenna Bush, and they have fewer supporters combined than people who saw "Gigli." Perhaps they should reconsider their "professional" goals. I happen to think all three of them have great ideas. I would even consider supporting Carol Mosley-Braun if I thought she had a real chance at beating George Bush, but it is past time for these well-meaning individuals to exit gracefully.

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

What a Nap!!

I feel like I've been asleep for over a week. Between trying to get a local Dean movement going and fighting some sort of virus or something, I haven't had time to wash my "whites," much less blog. It was a nice "vacation" regardless.

Lots to talk about...

CIA Leak (aka Plame-gate, Leak-gate, Wilson-gate, etc.)

First thing's first: Can we rename this "controversy"? What happened to originality in the press? Is Watergate really the last big political travesty on which we can capitalize? How about "Plame-Contra" or "Wilson-'S' and 'L' Scandal" or "The CIA Leak-Winski Affair." I personally prefer the last one. It could even be the title of a made-for-TV movie starring Melissa Gilbert and Stockard Channing. Lifetime could show it twice a day for a week.

Yes, this is a horrible situation. People's lives are at stake. But is this the worst we have on the Bush administration? Come on, Bush and Rove can get out of this one easier than a pornstar can get out of a speeding ticket. What about the "big" controversies? Oh yeah, a majority of Democrats supported the President when he lied about WMD's in Iraq. They have sunk to the level of the "impeachers" on this one. Let it go. We can't win this one. It only makes us look stupid and petty.

The California Recall

Voting is wrapping up in California in the biggest freak show since Temptation Island 2. The sad thing is it might actually work. Sure, Gray Davis is the most worthless pile of pig droppings ever to pop up out of the Democratic party, but Arnold? Come on Cali! You wouldn't put Hulk Hogan in the Governor's mans--maybe you would. Arnold Schwarzenegger hasn't taken steroids in over 20 years, but he probably still tests positive. Maybe it's best. If Gray Davis is governor of California next October, it might do the Dem presidential candidate more harm than good. At least Mr. Schwarz. is easy to make fun of.

Bob Graham Drops Out

I know I said I wanted him to, but I must say that I am sad he was the first to give up. It was time, but Carol, Dennis, and Al are still out there sluggin' away. Bob had more money and more experience than all three of those guys! He probably set a good precedent, though. I only hope that the "others" follow suit before they bleed to much time and energy from the more "probable" candidates.

Oh, I'm sure there's more to talk about, but I'm addicted to politics and I have taken precious time away from watching Recall returns (isn't that redundant?) to type this. Perhaps there will be more fodder for my comments tomorrow...there always is!